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Bloom Gin: the Feminine character
Bloom, one of today's best Premium gins, has a very special feature: it is the only gin distilled by a woman, the "Master Destiller" Joanne Moore. This premium Gin undergoes 4 distillations -in tradictional stills- and has a relative scant production. It is heir to the tradition of "Premium London Gin". We will have the chance to appreciate the harmony of the botanicals, together with Jane Moore's high sensitivity and expertise. It contains seven botanicals, it is floral, soft and silky on the palate. Defined by Juniper with fresh and natural aromas of Chamomile, honeysuckle and grapefruit, the subtle angelica, the strength of cilantro and a spicy touch, provided by pepper. However, let us make no mistake, Bloom is not made to satisfy exclusively the female audience... we may only notice it has a different profile from other gins and a strong personality. Below are two recipes for preparing a perfect gin and tonic with BLOOM:
  • In a cold snifter with ice, run a strawberry around the rim to enhance the aroma and freshness of the gin. Mix with a cold Fentimans tonic and three or four pieces of strawberry.
  • Another combination would be: a cold balloon glass with ice, a lime twist, a tonka bean (botanical) and finished with 1724 tonic water.
These mixers will certainly enhance the drink and provide a touch of character. Enjoy!
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