An excellent conference in the Salon Gourmet 2011 – Invinic - Luxury Wines
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An excellent conference in the Salon Gourmet 2011
INVINIC had the pleasure of visiting yesterday the Ifema facilities in Madrid where the XXV Salón del Gourmet was held. In our opinion the "Salón del Gourmet" is one of the annual events worth visiting since we can always find new and interesting products. As in previous years, the fair counts with a great number of stands and lots of parallel activities sometimes hard to combine. We spent almost 7 hours seeing interesting products. So many that it would be impossible to mention them all. However, we wish to highlight some of those that surprised us the most. First of all we wish to mention the Tarsus Maloláctica en Barrica a limited edition of 4.000 bottles of an excellent red Ribera to whom the malolactic fermentation in barrel has bestowed an elegant softness and a unique character. We would also like to mention the Enate 100 % Gewürztraminer with a strong spicy and unctuous character in the palate. Finally we would love to talk about the Frisant de gel, a sweet sparkling wine from the Gramona Cellars with attractive aromas and a bubbly touch giving an appealing and carefree spark. During our visit we also had the pleasure of chatting with Agustí Torelló and taste some of their products among which we wish to highlight the Agustí Torello Reserva Barrica y Bayanus 375. Needless to say, that the visit to the Salón Gourmet has been a great experience although we would have needed a couple of extra days to fully enjoy it. We arrived at ten o’clock in the morning and left at five in the afternoon with the feeling that although we had really enjoyed it we had not been able to have a single minute break. Hence our obvious exhausted faces.
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