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A San Valentin wine or a rose bouquet? Last-minute Valentine's Day gifts
Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and you’ve got nothing for your special someone. Sound familiar? Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered. You could go with the tried-and-trusted rose bouquet (or lesser bunch of flowers), like everyone else in your position, or you could give the gift of wine!  

Alternatives to the rose bouquet

There’s nothing wrong with a bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day. Roses are traditional, they’re romantic, and they’re usually easy to find. They’ll also cost you a small fortune, but love knows no bounds and all that. Instead of your traditional rose bouquet, though, why not give your lover a beautiful bottle of wine? To us, a rosé bouquet beats a rose bouquet any day of the week!
  • Top tip: In wine terms, “aroma” and “bouquet” are not strictly interchangeable terms. The word “bouquet” is used to describe the aromas in wine that come from the winemaking process. This includes aromas arising from processes such as carbonic maceration, said to give Beaujolais wines a banana aroma, as well as from oak ageing and maturation.

Wine gifts for Valentine’s Day

It may give new meaning to the term rose bouquet, but pick the right bottle of aromatic rosé or floral white wine and you’re sure to impress your sweetheart. It’s impossible for us to know what sort of wines your girlfriend or boyfriend likes. If you know their favourite, then go with that! Otherwise, consult our handy guide below for some inspiration!  

San Valentin wines to gift instead of roses

Fresh and aromatic rosé wines

An entirely different rosé bouquet than you might be used to, but consider this category for your cherie. Pink wine just looks romantic, and that’s always a plus. All the better if the wine is rich in aromatics and smells good in the glass, too. If you are buying for a girly girl, or simply a romantic soul, nothing quite says Happy Valentine’s Day like a rosé wine. Pick one of our special selections and it’ll be a happy Valentine’s indeed!

Zesty white wines

It’s hard to beat a crisp, zingy white wine for pure vivacity and energy. An acidic white wine can tingle the palate and stimulate the senses and really get one in the mood for love. Gift your loved one a light, zesty white wine for Valentine’s to show the ceaseless energy of your passion! When it comes to this task, we like a Sauvignon Blanc. Find our top picks below and see why this grape is so popular.

Sensual light red wines

Red is the colour of Valentine’s Day, and is the colour of most self-respecting rose bouquet selections in your local florist. Forget the flowers and pick up a light-bodied red wine that will illustrate your desire without overpowering your Valentine’s Day dinner. A Gamay or Pinot Noir is just what Dr. Love has ordered! Choose from the below and you should be in good health.   That’s it. Happy Valentine’s Day, and hopefully you’ve now got an idea for a gift other than the tired old rose bouquet. Tell us about your favourite Valentine’s Day wines below!   The White Wine Lover's Guide
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