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3 wines that Torres Viña Sol fans will love
Ask many casual wine drinkers to name a white Spanish wine, and they’ll likely mention Torres Viña Sol. The ubiquitous Miguel Torres produces Spanish wine and brandy in various styles, ranging from everyday to high-end. Torres Viña Sol is perhaps the producer’s best-known wine: Walk into just about any wine store or supermarket and you’ll probably find a bottle! If you’re already a Viña Sol fan, you’re in luck: We’ve got three great wines that you’re going to want to try next. First, though, let’s see what all the fuss is about…  

Tasting Torres Viña Sol

Viña Sol belongs to the more everyday end of the Torres range, and it provides excellent value for money without much of a fuss. From the Penedès region, it’s a blend of Parellada and white Grenache. Let’s open a bottle and have a taste, shall we?
  • Sight:

    In the glass, Viña Sol has a nice colour of bright, pale yellow - paler than you might think by looking at the dark green glass bottle!
  • Smell:

    It’s got a very attractive nose with both floral and fruit aromas, with just a hint of exotic fruit at the end. It’s a fun wine to smell!
  • Taste:

    Light and refreshing - you could drink this all day. There is wonderful freshness, lightly tingling acidity and a lingering, fruity finish.
  • Food pairing:

    Have a bottle of Viña Sol with a seafood risotto - delicious!
You can buy Torres Viña Sol here.  

Three more wines to try instead of Torres Viña Sol

Like the sound of Viña Sol? Great. Now’s the time to try something new! We’ve picked out three of our favourite Spanish whites that will appeal to Viña Sol fans based on style, taste or price!  

1. Gramona Moustillant Blanc

Another Penedès white at a very accessible price, this one differs from Torres Viña Sol in that it’s 100% Parellada.
  • Sight:

    It’s a more strawlike yellow, with glimmering, steely reflections and the slightest effervescence.
  • Smell:

    This is highly aromatic, again with dominant notes of fruit and flowers. There’s even a hint of herbaceousness in there, like freshly cut grass. You’ll want to give this a few sniffs to appreciate it all!
  • Taste:

    Easy-drinking and light, with a faint hint of tongue-tingling carbonation. Very refreshing and eternally quaffable.
  • Food pairing:

    Pair this with a barbequed or grilled piece of fish, and enjoy a taste of Catalan summer no matter what the season!
Buy Gramona Moustillant Blanc right here.  

2. Lignum Blanc

From leading producer Albet i Noya, this comes from the same region as Viña Sol but uses different grape varieties. Here, you’ve got the international grapes Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay and local grape Xarel.lo.
  • Sight:

    Visually, it’s a pale yet bright straw yellow.
  • Smell:

    It shares some of Viña Sol’s fruity and floral aromas, with a decidedly more spicy character. Very attractive.
  • Taste:

    Still pleasant, light and fresh. It's got pretty high acidity, meaning it’ll go great with a lot of food. Speaking of which…
  • Food pairing:

    The high acidity here can cut through creamier dishes, so try it with a thick cream of chicken soup or pasta carbonara.
Buy Lignum Blanc here.  

3. Espelt Vailet

Spain’s Empordà region is not particularly well known. Located close to the French border, it has historically produced sweet wines, though has recently gained attention for its high quality and excellent value dry white wines, too. Like Torres Viña Sol, Espelt Vailet is produced from a blend featuring white Grenache, though instead of Parellada it is combined with Macabeo. This is a different take, but should appeal to Viña Sol lovers anyway!
  • Sight:

    Bright and straw-like colour, with stronger green hints than any of the others we’ve tasted.
  • Smell:

    Seriously aromatic, and probably the most complex of the bunch. You’ve got those fruits and flowers, with plenty of exotic spice and creamy vanilla. Very interesting!
  • Taste:

    It’s smooth, slightly fuller in body than the others and with great fruit character. Still very refreshing and easy to drink.
  • Food pairing:

    Try this with Young Chow fried rice with pieces of seafood, pork and vegetables. Delicious!
Tempted? You can buy Espelt Vailet here.   Thinking of buying some bottles? Sign up for our special offers and receive a €5 discount on your first purchase!   The White Wine Lover's Guide
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